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Saturday 14.10.06

Woke up to hard rain once again -.- Where did the summer weather go?
Hm what did I do..spend a little time in front of the computer and then called my parents.
Got lasagna for lunch and then met up with kathi at half past three. Gym again =P. When I walked home again (at 6pm) it was raining soooo much. Was funny though. Some hours later Kathi came to my house. After a while Marisol rang and invited us to Coni’s house . Uta, Camila, Melissa, Coni and Marisol were there. We had a chocolate fondue (second in two days o.O) which was so hilarious :D (Schokobananen und Springkekse..).
Then we watched “Brokeback Mountain” which was good but a bit too long. At midnight the clocks had to be changed to one hour later, so it was 2am when I walked home.
14.10.06 02:16

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