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And I´m coming home again =)


Yeah...this is my last day in Chile, my last hour in Temuco and probably my last minute on this computer ^^.
What can I say...
Have a nice flight .

Had a GREAT time yesterday on my party (H.U.G.E. thanks to Andrea and to everyone else who was there!) I love you all to bits and would like to take the whole 2ºB with me to Germany! I´ve had a great time with all of you! Never been in a better class if I´m not wrong...

Hermanita can´t wait till you come to my house in just 11 months xxD.
And if I wouldn´t know I´ll see you all next year I´d hide here and never come out xD.
Seriously, thank you for making me a part of you and making my time here the best of my life! Wouldn´t have been the same without making friends that hopefully will last a lifetime and a few years longer!

The hugestestest thanks to my family here! You´ve been a great support and it´s been a pleasure getting to know you and your life!
Vanessa I wish you ALL THE BEST with José Thomas! I´m sure you´ll be a great mother!

Thanks to my parents in Germany too, for letting me experience all of this!
Thanks for being understanding and letting me skip school to travel around Chile ().

Hm...and basically thanks to everyone else involved in this exchange!

I love Chile...
and now, Germany here I come!

10.12.06 14:22

Out to travel again ;)

Hey people!
Yeah, sorry...there has been no entries for a while again, I´ve been busy experiencing stuff to write about xD.
Among other things, I was in Santiago for a week.

Anyway, my last two weeks in Chile have begun...and tomorrow I´ll go to the desert in the north with my class for ten days :D.
After I´m back, I only have a couple of days to pack and say goodbye, so I won´t have time to update this until I´m back in Germany again...but I´ve got everything written down somewhere, so no fear, I´ll fill in the white spots here in a few weeks xD.
26.11.06 16:21

Friday 10.11.06

This definitely was one of the hottest days of my life XD.
Had an English-test at school. I've never been to the lessons, (recently changed English class XD) but decided to take it anyway.
I finished after like 5 mins. (-.-) and got some extra exercises from the teacher.
Finished those too.
Got some more exercises, this time to write a story with 100 words about a picture.
I don’t like word limits, but well, managed to do that as well.
The others were still working on their tests o_O.
Anyway, the teacher read my story and seemed to like it (no idea why, it was pretty crappy XD).
But by then the lesson was over and the others finished their tests ^^.
In the break all of the "cuartos” (Katán's class) wrote greetings on each other’s school uniform shirts. That’s one of the traditions this school has, that the students do that on their last day of school, which this day was.

After lunch that day I met up with Coni in front of the Lider and bought ice cream. It was soooo hot! o.O (the weather, not the ice cream).
So yeah, the ice cream melted pretty fast XD. Then Coni decided to skip the waffle and eat the ice cream from out of her hand instead (rofl).
We had to pass Karina’s house where she could wash her hands XD.
We walked and walked until we finally reached the park behind the YMCA gym. I was so totally dead from the heat already and my face had the same colour as my hair o_O (or well at least that’s what Coni said XD).
Hm, sat down in the shadows (XD) and waited for Camila (the German one) to arrive.
Had a very nice day in the park. It has a kind of German-Freibad-feel to it XD. There were two mounted police in the park, apparently just there to let kids ride on the of course we did that too...XD.
A bit later Monts came too.
("Dónde está mi zapato?!?”)
At half past seven (when it was a bit cooler already, thank god) everyone went back home, and then at nine Camila (still the German one), Coni and me were cooking at Coni’s house.

(Pisc-O and ChiChiA!)

It was very funny, very delicious and very MUCH.
*rolls home*
10.11.06 16:14

Thursday 09.11.06

No school today :D
Because the segundos from all schools of the 9th region of Chile, including my classmates had "SIMCE", which is something similar to a national "PISA-Study", meant to classify the schools. Last time the DST (Deutsche Schule Temuco) had been second, and all this is really important for the schools.
Anyway, no school for the exchange students, what a pity.
Slept to...6:50 (-.-), because Christel had forgotten that I didn´t have school and woke me up.
Then slept some more, to 9:30 or something.
Had breakfast and then went to the mall, shopping, as I hadn´t found anything the day before .
Came home, had lunch and then walked to the LIDER to buy some things....
Couldn´t be outside after that, it was WAY too hot o.O...scary xD.
9.11.06 02:08

Wednesday 08.11.06

After school (a normal day, except spending some time in the library with Mareike again the crisis is over xD) I went shopping with Coni, Camila (from Chile), Monts, Camila (from Germany) & Uta.
I had nothing but cherries for lunch.
After a while Uta went home, because she didn´t feel well.
At 4:30 pm we went home to Monts with Camila & Coni to eat strawberries.
Then we took a micro home to Camila (the Chile one ^^) to get her carate-stuff. (Looking out the window – funny thing, that family dog xD. Jumping up and down in front of the window all day? A life worth living...)
Erm... we RAN to Karina´s house where we had dinner and then Monts, Coni and me went home to Coni for a while.
When Monts left she also left hehekeys on the table, so Coni and me had a marathon to catch up with her and give them back.
Did I mention it was hot? o.O 10 pm I walked home from Coni, then it wasn´t that hot anymore ^^.
8.11.06 21:22

Friday 03.11.06

After school (consisting of 2 hours of being in the computer room, 2 hours of chemistry and 2 hours of German) went home and had lunch. Again one really hot day! Went to the gym and after that Coni called to ask if I wanted to come over, meeting a few of her non-dst friends.
Of course I wanted to, so went there at half past 9.
The friends were nice, but I was so extremely tired somehow that I just couldn’t concentrate on understanding their conversations. Suddenly my Spanish skills dropped back to zero and I didn’t get a shit. That was kinda stupid.
Anyway, we ordered some sandwiches, which were quite nice. There were 6 other people there btw. At some point we walked out to get something to drink from a shop around the corner.
Then we watched “The client”, or at least one third of it.
Went home at 2am.
3.11.06 10:32

Thursday 02.11.06

Didn´t go to PE today, they had their referee exams, so we would only have been standing around anyway.

Instead me and Uta went to the computer room...

Then we had Sociales, still one of the most boring things ever and then in English and German I sat in the library with Mareike, talking about exchange problems in general, and ours in particular...xD.

After lunch me and Christel went to town to find a place where they sell tickets for the concert in Santiago in a couple of weeks...not that easy xD. In the end we found one, though ^^, happy now .

I wanted to go to the gym, but I was so tired that I went to bed instead...where I slept four and a half hours...something must have been very tiring xD.

Anyway, it was too late to go to the didn´t o.O.

Had dinner and...went to bed again lol...
2.11.06 16:08

Wednesday 01.11.06

Got up at 12 and thus was the first one to get out of bed =P.
Katán and Tami got back from their party at 5 or something, therefore they were kinda tired ^^.
Had lunch at half past two and after that I phoned home.
Then Coni called and asked me if I wanted to go bowling with a few people, which of course I did. It was Karina, Coni, Kai, Ozzy, Roberto and me.
I won ^_^. No idea how, but I did XD.
So I treated everyone to an icecream (it set me back 1,50 euros, so quite affordable ^^).
Going home we first wanted to take a colectivo, so we waited in front of the mall. No colectivo came (of course not, they never do when you need one!), so after quite a while we decided to go by bus instead. We walked to the "bus station” (aka the place where the buses drive past, as there are no bus stations XD), which was close to school.
Stood there a while too, but no bus.
Went back to the mall, as Roberto’s dad would come and fetch us, so logically, there were loads of empty colectivos around -.-.
Got home, had dinner, did nothing.
1.11.06 02:22

Tuesday 31.10.06

Happy Halloween!
After lunch today one of the maids showed me how to make Sopaipillas (which we had eaten the 18th of September and had been soooo delicious ^^).
At seven I went to the cinema with Uta. Saw "The Jacket” ("Regresiones”) which was really good!
Took a colectivo home and then immediately went over to Karina (who lives like 2 minutes away), where she, Coni, Camila (the chilenian one) Vivi and me ate Pizza and watched "The Grudge” ("El Grito”). Booh XD.
The room was decorated in a really cool way .
I walked home around two or something.
31.10.06 17:24

Monday 30.10.06

School again, very happy. Physics first lessons, even happier.
After that my class had a sociales-test, so the gringas went to the library (have our usual seat already).
In maths we ate cake (Felipas birthday :D), hehe.
When school ended I went home to Conis house, as she has invited me to have lunch at hers. Had an amazing time! With IGOR and Gecko…and yea…was nice.
At 18:45 we went to Felipas house (as always when you’re waiting for them no Colectivo came, so we walked).
We were like 14 people at Felipas, and had a great time.
At around 10 Conis dad brought me home when he came to fetch Coni.
30.10.06 10:22

Monday 23.10.06

Uhm…after school me and Kathi went to the Mercado so that she could buy the last of her gifts for people in Germany but also for her family in Chile. After that we had wanted to join a spinning course in the gym, but something went wrong with the reservation for it, so we ended up not going.
Instead took a walk through the “Lider” (I know we seem a bit obsessed with that thing, but…well I don’t expect anyone to understand what a magic place that supermarket is), where we suddenly heard Yvonne Catterfeld being played in the radio. Not hot.
Then we went at my place where she stayed until like half past 11.
23.10.06 09:57

Tuesday 24.10.06

Surprisingly enough nothing special at school today xD. At around three pm Kathi came over, we redyed my hair and she continued wrapping some gifts.
I got back all of my stuff that had been at hers and vice versa ^^.
Then we went to the “Lider” to buy some things.
In the evening we wanted to meet up with Uta and Camila and go out to eat in a Chinese restaurant, because it was Kathis last night.
Well, Kathi and me stood and waited in front of a different restaurant than Camila and Uta…so we didn’t meet that night XD.
After Kathi and me remembered that neither of us actually likes Chinese food that much we went to a pasta restaurant near the mall instead and ate some great ravioli. Afterwards we went to the cinema (1,50€ pP! had some special offer) and watched “United 93”, good idea when you’re going to FLY the next day, huh.
Got home at 0:45 or something.
24.10.06 09:48

Wednesday 18.10.06 - Thursday 19.10.06


Well, after school I went to Kathi´s house and we took a walk around the block here. Found ourselves a new bench where we sat for a loooong while xD.
Afterwards we went to the gym.
What can I tell...
Houses around here all look the same ^^.
That´s it -.-


Today in sports we played volleyball as usual. Had Sociales where we continued making the collage for Jan.
After the second break was over we all got onto the pick-up and drove to the airport (fun ).
Sometime later Jan came too and everyone started taking pictures in different groups...until Jan eventually tried to check-in and it didn´t work anymore because the gate had closed or something o.O...oops.
So, we went back from the airport and Jan had to stay in Chile for another few days, until Sunday...changing the flight cost 150 he wasn´t exactly happy.
Another ride with the pick-up later and we were at school again, just in time to go home for lunch ^^.
Afterwards Kathi came to me and we took another walk through the streets...
19.10.06 19:59

Tuesday 17.10.06

Nothing special in school today...made some collage in German to the film "Good Bye Lenin".
Went home for lunch and then went to the "Campeónat de Voleibol", organized by my class.
It was fun to watch ^^.
Segundo A won and my class placed fourth. Camila played a little bit too.
Afterwards Kathi and me went to the mall because she needed to buy some gifts and then we took a colectivo home to me, with the intention to go to the gym...
Got stuck in my room though, meaning we sat there until Kathi went home (at ten or something).
Ate dinner with Christel...went to bed...
17.10.06 01:03

Monday 16.10.06

School again, yay xD.
I only had the first four lessons though, as it was "Día del profesor" (Teacher´s day), and they had some special stuff in their Aula again.
This school is really celebrating everything ^^.
I can't remember ever celebrating anything in my school in Germany...
Anyway, it started off with Chile´s national anthem, followed by the German one.
Then loads of people held speeches.
After two school rockbands had played it was time for the so called "Lehrer-Awards".
In different categories (like "most optimistic" for example) there were always 4 nominated teachers, and the SMV presented the winners ^^.
Also teachers who had been at the school for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years got a present ^^.
In class the students gave presents to their head teachers too.

After school I went to have lunch with Coni, Camila, Uta and Marisol (from the other 10th grade).
Afterwards we went to Marisol and started working on a "Recuerdo de Chile"-collage for Jan ^^ .
At five everyone went home and Kathi and me decided to go to the Gym.
After half an hour there Kathi didn´t feel good though, (the room was WAY too hot too!!) so we went outside and sat on our usual bench for an hour xD.
Went home, had dinner, went to bed eventually.
16.10.06 21:40

Sunday 15.10.06

We had good weather today again. Not too warm but at least no rain (like the last 5 days -.-), so it was possible for Kathi and me to walk to the center again xD.
We sat on our "Zuckerwatte-Plaza" some hours and then went home to her place and did nothing there instead xD.
Came home half past eleven.
Hm...when we were in town there was a lama walking down the road xD.
15.10.06 19:42

Saturday 14.10.06

Woke up to hard rain once again -.- Where did the summer weather go?
Hm what did I do..spend a little time in front of the computer and then called my parents.
Got lasagna for lunch and then met up with kathi at half past three. Gym again =P. When I walked home again (at 6pm) it was raining soooo much. Was funny though. Some hours later Kathi came to my house. After a while Marisol rang and invited us to Coni’s house . Uta, Camila, Melissa, Coni and Marisol were there. We had a chocolate fondue (second in two days o.O) which was so hilarious :D (Schokobananen und Springkekse..).
Then we watched “Brokeback Mountain” which was good but a bit too long. At midnight the clocks had to be changed to one hour later, so it was 2am when I walked home.
14.10.06 02:16

Friday 13.10.06

(Friday the 13th. Boo.)
Today I got up at quarter past seven, because Katán didn’t have school today, and Cristel only had to bring me to I could go in time for the second I have no first lesson on Fridays XD.
Second lesson was English anyway, and as we aren nott "allowed” to participate, we wanted to go to the computer room...but there was a class inside so we went to the library instead.
At nine Camila, Jan and Kathi went to the mall to buy some things for the chocolate fondue we will be preparing in the German lesson.
After English we had two lovely hours of Maths. Then we had German, where we first discussed the film "Good-Bye Lenin” and then had our choco fondue (which was great fun!”).
Then I went home and had lunch -.- XD. Tami was back from the Llaima too.
At half past three I met up with Kathi and we went to the gym for like two hours as usual. Afterwards we sat on a bench in front of our beloved "Lider” Supermarket for an hour XD.
At ten Cristel brought Kathi and me to Metrenco (a place 20 mins away from Temuco), where Jan’s Good-Bye-Party was held in the house of Manacha.
No one really knew when Jan would arrive, so when he did, we had no time to hide or anything.
Jan didn’t realize it was a party for HIM, until I told him XD. Couldn’t find anyone to take Kathi and me back home, so I had to call Cristel to come and get us at around two o’clock.
13.10.06 17:35

And I KNOW im lazy xD

it has been a bit too long since the last update, right? xD
I´m probably even talking to myself everyone gave up on checking this page already....
ah well...
I´m still alive...
Just a bit busy at the moment.
I will skip the past two months until i have more time and better access to a computer, and start to write from the present again ^^.
So, don´t go away, there WILL be more here soon .

15.10.06 02:47

Thursday 21.09.06

(* = completely reconstructed from brain, with help of some small nonhelping notes. should have done this earlier, and should have written my diary thingys more detailed. shit happens)

After our breakfast at the hostel we went outside, ready to explore the city.
San Carlos de Bariloche is quite a pretty place, right next to a sea, with the view at some snow covered mountains. Most of the houses are built in a really old fashioned way, using much wood and colors.
We walked right in, found one really impressive chocolate factory (actually more than one, Bariloche being famous for its chocolate..), and other stores, everything even cheaper than in Chile.
Theres one place in Bariloche you're bound to go to when youre in town, which is some kind of market place in front of the town hall. Obligatory is to get your picture taken with one of the Berner-Sennen dogs that they run around with there.
We didn't.
Instead we went into the tourist information to get a map and more tips on where to go. When we got out we got some paper flowers from some dude, because it apparently was some kind of voting going on.
No idea, I forgot mine in the bus on the way home anyway.
At half past five we had to catch our bus back to San Martín, and we weren’t too sure about the bus timetables, so we stood quite a while at a bus stop, slightly in panic that we’d miss the bus back and with that also the bus to Chile the next morning. Not funny.
Anyway, the bus came and we could get to the terminal in time, got in the bus and drove all those 4 hours back to San Martín, where we checked in the same hostel as the other night, as we didn’t want to look for something else.It was raining.
21.9.06 01:55

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