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Wednesday 20.09.06

Some hour later we had someone from a room next to ours singing in the shower (we had veery thin walls yknow XD). So...when the alarm of Leni’s mobile went off at seven we agreed to ignore it and sleep some longer XD.
When we eventually crawled out of bed and even packed our things and headed for the bus terminal, the bus to Bariloche was gone already. There would be a new one at half past three, so we walked around in San Martin (having left our luggage at the terminal) until it was time.
It was a four hours drive, but the landscape we got to see was totally stunning and made up for the long time in the bus. Have got TONS of pics from that!
Okay so we reached Bariloche, which was a lot bigger than San Martín.
Got off the bus at the terminal and took another into the city. We left it somewhere very random and walked a bit back where we had seen a hostel sign. We still weren’t very used to the argentinian Spanish and those people we came to meet were….strange. Uh, we got shown our rooms, which were in a separate building and combined through some very steep stairs, more like a ladder than anything else. Well, we felt okay until we noticed the very intense smell of gas. Not nice.
Kathi thought it didn’t matter and tried to assure us we wouldn’t blow up at night, but we didn’t want to stay there anyway.
Tried to explain the problem to the owner, who claimed it wasn’t gas but only the cleanser they use. Right.
Anyway, we got our new room, this time in the main building. No smell of gas and no bed sheets for Kathi. She wasn’t too happy, not having wanted to move in the first place. Oh well.
Went into the city for a while, got a bite to eat and quite fast were back in again, all tired and stuff, so went to bed.
20.9.06 01:32

Tuesday 19.09.06

I got up at 7:15, had a biiig breakfast and waited for Kathi to come to my house.
Then Cristel brought us and Leni to the bus terminal from where our bus to Argentina would leave at 8:30.
Going to San Martin de los Andes would take 7 hours!
At midday the bus stopped somewhere in the middle of nothing. Still on the Chilean side of the border though.
Eventually we started driving across the Andes (and definitely at the lowest part of them XD. Couldn’t see any really high parts -.-). Then we reached the border. After all my parents had done to get that authorisation paper I would have appreciated if that man would at least have looked at it!
He didn’t though, so we could continue our journey XD.
Then it was hours and hours of similar-looking landscape. Mountains, wide fields of nothing...quite the way I would picture a desert actually.
It was really beautiful and interesting, but after a few hours of with just one view it does get boring XD.
At around 4pm we reached San Martin. First we made our way to the money exchange to get Argentinian pesos and then we found ourselves a hostel which seemed quiet and nice (sadly that turned out to be a mistake).
Hm...after that we went to a restaurant that Leni’s "mother” had recommended to her.
San Martin is quite small and very touristic. It is surrounded by hills full of trees and there is a lake too ^^. And not a single traffic light!
Everything looked quite similar to Pucón.
We went back to our "quiet” hostel room to have some sleep. We wanted to get up at 7 to get a bus to San Carlos de Bariloche (because...there wasn’t really much to do in San Martin, and we wanted to see some more =)).
Hm well,...we did NOT get a quiet night at all. There were some men (from Australia, if I’m not wrong) who found it absolutely necessary to have their (loud!) conversation directly in front of our door...until they changed their mind and placed themselves in front of our window instead XD.
Then in the morning there was that lovely guy who looked for help from someone ("I want to get into my room, but my friends won’t let me in!”). Quite hilarious actually. If I hadn’t been so mad at him for disturbing my sleep I’d probably have laughed my ass off XD.
19.9.06 16:56

Monday 18.09.06

So, today should be the day entire Chile is celebrating ^^.
Their independence from Spain, to be exact.
Today also was Vani’s 29th birthday.
I got up at nine, had breakfast and then started inflating blue, red and white balloons to decorate with. Halfway I got help from Tami, who then tied together a garland of them.
We hung up that one, my Chile-flag and some other things. The weather was very summer-like again ^^.
Later on, Cristel’s parents, Carlos' parents and Camilo came over.
We ate the best Sopaipillas ever (!) and many other salads, grilled meat, potatoes...and for dessert Cherimoya-mush (very nice).
Spent the day chilling in the sun, playing volleyball, packing for the journey to Argentina was a nice day.
There were flags on every single house, which surprised me a bit, until I heard that it is compulsory on that day.
18.9.06 16:56

Thursday 07.09.06

I had a fruit for breakfast that tasted EXACTLY like strawberry-ice-cream (as we all know, strawberries themselves do NOT xD), called "Cherimoya".
Jaja...instead of going to my PE-lessons I went with Katán (the other and more used nickname of Cristián) to his class, because Mona, Rike and Eike would be at school for the first two lessons.
Well, Mona didn’t show up until the first long break, Rike was in another class and Eike only came to the second the first hour was quite boring xD.
I wrote onto Mona’s Chile-flag (”Wir sehen uns um viertel Vier im Urwald. Aber zieh dir vorher was an. Den Rest kannst du behalten...”) and eventually the three of them left for the airport.
Hm, so I went to my classroom and had some nice, boring lessons to fill the day xD.
7.9.06 19:07

Wednesday 06.09.06

This was probably the most useless day I’ve had so far xD.
After school I was bored and did nothing at all, because I couldn’t figure out anything to do. Duh.
Yesterday morning Kathi left to Osorno, where she would get the bus that Anni and Leo had taken from Conce, to go to the south of Chile with them (Punta Arenas and so on...).
Hm, I’ve found out what Chile’s national flower is called, btw: Copihue .

Tonight the goodbye-surprise-party for Mona, Rike and Eike took place. They had NO idea there would be one, so they had met up at Mona’s to watch football and Robert had told them some people would come over at 7pm, to have a little sit-in.
Well, of course no one came ^^.
We all went to Tomás' place, and waited there until some boys had kidnapped the ”victims” (like...tied together their arms and so on, driving around without them knowing where,...heh). When they arrived, we all jumped out of different corners, screaming ”Überraschung!” and ”Sorpresa!” and I dunno what else.
They got untied (nice huh xD) and the party could start =P.
Two times the three of them had to empty a glass of Piscola in one go (sort of tradition here I think xD) and, well, they were quite drunk after that xD.
Anyway, it was an awesome party!.
At midnight we started driving towards home, but a few of them wanted to eat a hot-dog before going to bed (, I wasn’t one of them lol), so we stopped at their usual hot-dog-place and Eike had his last ”Completo” (hot-dog with avocado and loooads of other stuff xD).
Those things are pretty difficult to eat, even when sober...*g*.
Went to bed at 1 am or so.
6.9.06 18:59

Tuesday 05.09.06

I went to school again for the first time in two weeks or so xD, really looking forward to see my classmates again =).
School itself was normal, but not too boring. Had a German exam in the last two hours...hope I did well xD.
Went home to eat and then spent the day listening to music, started reading the first Harry Potter book in Spanish (this being the fourt language I read it in xD), writing and basically just waiting for Tami to come home.
We had dinner and at quarter past eight we finally started dyeing my hair.
Which we did, breaking out in laughing fits every now and then (-> me drowning in the shower and ”Aah, it turns pink!!”).
I love the result ^^.
5.9.06 18:54

Monday 04.09.06

We got out of bed when Laura and her parents left the house, had a quick breakfast and then I packed the last of my stuff.
Left the house and headed to the school to get my ski jacket from Leo, whom I had borrowed it to, because she went skiing for a few days and didn’t have one.
After that we took a micro to the bus terminal and I got me a ticket for the next bus, which left at 9:15 and would be in Temuco at 13:30.
I had quite a boring trip...but I saw the Andes nearly all the time and once there were 4 volcanoes next to each other ^^ (next to each other in this case meaning: I could see them all at the same time).
After arriving I waited 20 minutes to get picked up by Christel, as the bus was a bit early.
Back home I had lunch and then spent the day unpacking my bag and such stuff.
4.9.06 18:50

Monday 28.08.06

Got up at like half past eight and took an ice-cold shower ^^, lovely...agua caliente for sure -.-.
Our bus left at 10 if I remember right...if it wasn’t 11...but it’s not that important anyway xD. Reached Santiago (being very happy, as the weather still was great and we could see the Andes ^^) and made our way back to ”La Casa Roja”, hoping Anni and Kathi had survived their days alone.
But when we came there, none of them could be seen xD. Hmmm...we asked at the reception and they told us the two were still there...somewhere xD. Well, that was a start xD.
We searched the whole house without seeing them, and then, when we were close to giving up, Anni suddenly came out of a room. She was working XD...

For one night without paying she had to make beds and clean rooms for 3 hours. They had kinda run out of money xD. Kathi was in town, buying food for them (with what little money she had left xD), so Jan and me settled down to wait xD.
And wait and wait and wait and wait xD...geez she took long .

As I said, at the end of these days, Anni and Kathi had quite serious money trouble. The first day they had spent the money they both had left, and Kathi wanted to take out some more. This didn’t work though, as she had reached her monthly limit and could only take out 10000 pesos more, which she needed to pay the room for the two nights.
Anni paid one night with the money she had saved for the bus home again, and for the other she worked xD. Ghehe...=).
When Kathi finally came, Anni nearly had finished working too, so we sat down, ate, talked and eventually broke up, heading for the cerro ”San Cristobal” one more time. We left the house and took the metro to the cerro, where only Jan and me went up, as the other two didn’t have any money and didn’t want to walk either.
There was still smog around, but we could see much much further than the last time =). After a while we went down again and joined the others. We carried our stuff to the metro one last time and went to the bus terminal. Anni and me took a bus that would be in Conce at midnight, while Jan and Kathi had to wait until 10pm to get a bus to Temuco.
Our bus wasn’t even half as comfortable as the one we had on the trip TO Santiago...but well. They showed ”50 first dates” and one other film and I was too cold to be able to sleep ><.
Eduardo, Laura’s father, fetched us from the terminal in Conce and we were at their house at around 0:30.
28.8.06 15:44

Sunday 27.08.06

Hm, after breakfast we just walked along the main street until reaching a pier, on which we met people from Chile’s Greenpeace XD. Then we took the metro back to Viña (actually we had planned to stay in Valparaíso for two nights, but I so didn’t want to stay there any longer...). The day was even hotter than the day before, so the first thing we did after getting out of the metro and walking quite far, was sitting down at a beach for an hour or something.

“Angelito war nur ein einziges Mal mit seiner Mutter am Strand gewesen: am Weihnachtsfeiertag. Er konnte sich nur noch undeutlich erinnern. Mit einem der bunten, billigen Busse waren sie hinausgefahren, und er war noch so klein gewesen, dass er keine Badehose gebraucht hatte. Die Mutter war mit ein paar anderen Frauen und Kindern zusammen gewesen. Er hatte mit den Kindern im sonnenwarmen Uferwasser gespielt, und irgendwann hatten die Mütter gekreischt und die Kinder vor einer besonders hohen Brandungswelle weggerissen. Es hatte nach gebratenem Fleisch gerochen, und abends, nach der Heimkehr, hatte die Mutter geweint, weil sie zu viel Geld ausgegeben hatte. Angelito hatte das Meer in keiner sehr guten Erinnerung.”
(quote from ”Das Tor zum Garten der Zambranos”, written by Gudrun Pausewang)

Came to think of a book we read in...what? 6th grade? Because it fitted SO perfectly into this situation! (sorry for those who can’t understand it :] ain’t going to translate it xD).
Then we went to the mall, or better, to the supermarket, to get something to eat for the next days. Afterwards we walked to the bus terminal and bought our tickets back to Santiago (very much walking that day again -.- ).
Watched ”I, robot” that night, on the TV in our room :], yeah, very proud xD.
27.8.06 15:43

Saturday 26.08.06

All got up at different times. Leni at around eight, because she had signed up for a 10 days tour to the north (the highest point being San Pedro de Atacama).
Sometime after that it was time for Jan and me to break up too, as we would take a bus to Viña del Mar and Valparaíso together, while Kathi and Anni stayed in Santiago.
So, after buying bus tickets, discovering the bus wasn’t there anymore (-.-), changing the tickets and getting into the bus, we had two hours of free time.
The weather was loads better than the past days and we could see the Andes from the bus window.
Typical ain’t it? XD
Hoping the good weather would stay until Monday, when we were to return to Santiago.
Eventually we reached Viña. We decided which route we would walk to see the most of the town (well, at least the bits worth seeing...) and started walking ^^.
Of course WITH our huge bags ><, lovely.
It got warmer and warmer.
Viña is really beautiful and with a sort of touristic flair over it. Carriages drawn by horses everywhere and many expensive hotels and restaurants.
We saw loads and loads of pelicans :D
All in all it was a very great day!
At five we took a bus to Valparaíso, which is about 5-10 minutes away. Somehow the city didn’t seem sympathetic from the very first moment on.
Maybe it was partly because the sun was on it’s way down already, but the city didn’t feel safe at after having looked at it from a cerro we quickly found ourselves a hotel to stay at.
From our window we had an amazing view over Valparaíso! It was particularly cool when it had become dark and there were small lights absolutely everywhere ^-^.
Valparaíso is the first city in Chile I’ve been in, where the streets aren’t built like a chessboard. Because there are so many hills around, the streets go really crazy .
26.8.06 21:53

Friday 25.08.06

I got up quite late today, and with a bad headache!
Geez what a loud night o.O.
One time the doorbell rung without interruption for at least 5 minutes (no nice sound, believe me ><), there was traffic outside all the time, AND at around half past four in the morning someone at the reception had found it extremely necessary to play some music on a very high, it was cold ><.
But well, I survived xD.
Hm, we eventually managed to get all of us ready to leave the house (we started to get quite pissed at each other already xD) and took the metro to the cerro "San Christobal”.
To get up there you take somekind of lift (if you’re too lazy to walk, that is xD Knowing us it’s not hard to guess what we did, huh xD).
We would have had a great view from up there, but the smog was still very thick >< bugger!
Oh yeah, we were in the feria close to the cerro too...and HA, Jenny has a poncho xD, how cool is that xD.
I just realised I’m messing up the chronology here xD. Before we went to the cerro we were in a supermarket, buying spaghetti to cook in the evening, and then we went to the bus terminal.
Somewhere there someone tried to steal my handbag =/ evil someone. The someone didn't succeed, though!
So yeah, we went back to the house and cooked dinner.
Was cool =).
25.8.06 20:07

Thursday 24.08.06

The night on the bus was surprisingly comfortable. When you got used to the loud music coming from Anni´s earphones it was even possible to fall asleep ^^.
No, but really, it could have been a lot worse xD.
At quarter to six we reached Santiago’s suburbs and only some minutes later we were at the terminal (well, one of them I guess xD).
Could that really be the centre of Santiago?
As everyone else got out we did so too anyway.
It was still dark outside. We asked which bus drove to the centre and while we waited for it, Anni gained a new friend with a white head and black ears (stop staring, it was a dog xD). we took the bus and when we got out of it, we started "fighting” about what do to next
Either go and search for that youth hostel thingy, which we weren’t sure at ALL where it was, or stay in some café until it at least got lighter outside.
Finally we decided to wait, and walked a bit until we came to a café, which was open already, called "dieziocho” (not because you have to be 18 to get inside, but because the street was called that too...hell knows why).
Anyway, we stood in front of it, unsure whether to go in or not. Suddenly a man appeared from somewhere o.O. He was dressed in a suit and spoke to us in a mix of bad English and Spanish. All this was really weird o.O.
He wanted to get us into that café...and I’m still wondering if he was drunk or not.
So, as we didn’t have anything else to do anyway, we went inside and settled down.
And oh God, that weird man sat down at the table next to ours O_O.
The café was in an American diner style...can’t describe it really, but at least *I* know what I mean xD.
Hm, Anni and me drank a coffee while we talked about what we would do that day...well, Jan couldn't participate in the discussion, because he sat nearest to that man, who kept talking to him ><.
In front of the window a (probably drunk, homeless, and I dunno what else) man appeared now and then, looking at us and grinning.
Ooookay, Santiago was as imagined xD.
But really, this is THE city of Chile, the place nearly everyone want to go to after finishing school, if not for living then at least for studying there.
Santiago has about 6 million inhabitants and is right next to the Andes, so you can see the mountains while walking down the streets, which is kinda cool xD.
But well, with our luck of course there was so much smog and/or fog that we didn’t see them.

Can I quote Leni´s Reiseführer please? xD
"Bewaffnete Überfälle sind äußerst selten, sollte es ihnen trotzdem passieren, wehren sie sich nicht!” ...o.O ("Armed assaults are very rare, but if you happen to experience one, don’t offer resistance!”)

Anyway, after a while we decided to leave the café and head for the youth hostel (I must have missed something, because suddenly we were a little surer about the direction...).
We were quite surprised when we heard that our friend the weird man had paid for our coffees o.O.
But well, why should we complain .
We left the "18” and to our relief he didn’t follow us anymore, the homeless guy was nowhere to be seen either .
Hm, so we walked to that youth hostel, but it would cost 8600 pesos per night, and then Anni could only have stayed for two nights (she hadn’t got much money with her ^^), so we asked if there was something cheaper around too.
There was.
We made our way to "La Casa Roja” (the red house), which is a backpacker's hotel run by an Australian.
First they weren’t sure if they could fit us in, but eventually we could move into number "zero” (ehm...yeah xD), which was next to the reception and you had to cross like 3 rooms before getting to the bathrooms...but hey xD.
The house itself was awesome! An old building (19th century), big! Kitchen, great showers J, filled with German, American, French and British people...but we were definitely the youngest around xD.

After "sleeping” for a while (well, we weren’t really sleeping... just dozing around...) we made our way to the city center, which was really close.
First we came to the "Moneda” (palace of the president of Chile), where we were really lucky.
The moment we came there they had a Changing of the Guard, which was quite a big ceremony with a brass-band and horses and I dunno what else!
When it was over we wanted to get inside, but it wasn’t open for visitors yet, so we walked around to it’s other side and came to some sort of exhibition.
Then we tried to go inside the palace again and this time we succeeded ^^. Well...not really INSIDE it of course...just onto the yard.
There were orange trees =).
What more...well we went to the "Plaza de Armas”, with it’s cathedral and post office. Ate empanadas and walked around, looking at the things being sold there (quite a lot xD).
After that we went onto the cerro "Santa Lucia”, from where we could see part of the city but sadly no cordillera (or Andes), because of that stupid smog.
Went back to our red house. My feet were killing me after that much walking around, so without hesitation I turned down an offer for a free Salsa lesson xD. Someone in the house offered it and Kathi, Anni and Jan went there. Leni was too tired.
24.8.06 18:24

Wednesday 23.08.06

I got up at the normal time for going to school. Our bus would leave at 8:10 am. Oh yeah, OUR bus means: the bus of Leni, Jan, Kathi and me.
The plan was:
Going to Conce for the day, leaving for Santiago the same evening/night, stay in Santiago a few days, go to Viña del Mar and Valparaíso (except for Anni who would go back to Conce), me leaving to Conce and the other three going to La Serena.
As I said, that WAS the plan ^^.
Christel was so nice as to bring us from school to the terminal (the other three seem to have adopted the local custom of lateness though and came like 15 mins later than agreed, so we nearly missed our bus...).

During the 4,5 hours long bus journey I did nothing special really...except watching “Herbie” and listening to music xD.
We got off the bus at the terminal called “Collao”, where I had been last time I went to Conce too. Anni and Leo (a girl from Cologne) were there already and we bought our tickets to Santiago for 11:59pm (except Leo, who wasn't coming with us).

Then we took a bus to the Colegio Alemán Concepción, because we wanted to ask if we could leave our bags there while going into town. Luckily that was possible, so we didn´t have to carry our stuff the whole day xD.
After that Anni, Leni, Kathi, Jan and me walked up Concepción´s cerro. We jumped over some deep abyss (xD), met bears (right xD), crossed some gardens and asked our way to the “Castillo”.
Castle my ass xD. I can´t describe it properly...but there were like 4 little stone walls standing around amid some rosebushes xD.

Ghehe, we didn´t mind really, though. We just sat down and rested for the better part of an hour. The weather was nice and sunny aand...we had a good view *cough* (trees trees trees -.-).
Then we climbed down the cerro again and walked to one of the three bridges in Conce, all leading over the “Bio-Bio” river.
There is the old one (where no cars are allowed to drive anymore), the newer one, and...the newest one, duh. Well, we went to the old one anyway.
Afterwards we took a micro (that´s what the city buses are called here) into Conce´s centro. We crossed the plaza and spent some time in the feria (like a market), eating “churros” (loovely , which are pastry filled with Manjar -> Chile´s equivalent to Nutella .

Then we took a bus to the mall (the distances here are quite different to Temuco xD, where you can reach everything by foot without problems – unless you get lost...xD), where we stayed for a while until it was time to get our luggage from school (before it closed o.O).
Hm, so we went there, got our things and took a bus home to Anni´s (who lives on the other side of the river in a part called San Pedro).
Cecilia, Laura´s mom, was at home and served us dinner (so delicious ^^).
Oh yeah, Laura´s older sister Camila was at home too xD.
At half past eleven Eduardo brought us to the bus terminal and we got off on our six hour journey to Chile´s capital – Santiago.
23.8.06 00:47

Tuesday 22.08.06

Anni returned to Conce today at 11:15. Before she left, we went to the Mapuche-market again.
I got lost in Temuco on my way home from the terminal (Jenny lost in Chile, indeed xD). I walked around for about an hour, trying to find the Centro, and in the end I found myself in front of the terminal again o.O scaaary xD.
Eventually I found a street where the right colectivos drove along and that way I got home – only half an hour before Tami and Cris came home from school .
I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting outside in the sun, waiting 3 hours for my dad to call xD.
In the evening, at half past seven, Cristel, Tami and me went to a “fashion show” in a hotel. It was a fund raising event for children suffering from leukemia.
The show itself wasn´t that spectacular, but in the end, when a four year old girl who had had chemo therapy came onto the stage to present the awards, it was really touching *nods*.
Hm, then we went home and I finished my packing (I'm going to Concepción tomorrow) and fell asleep.
22.8.06 18:52

Saturday 19.08.06 - Monday 21.08.06


Woke up at ten today (god I was dead O.O volcanos are exhausting xD). Anyway, until lunch Anni and me just hung around at home and afterwards we wanted to go to Temuco´s Mapuche-museum...but it was closed so we went to the railway museum instead ^^.
It was...interesting xD. After that we walked to the “feria libre”, which is the market of the...poorer people...
Really interesting to see that, even if you, maybe even without noticing it, take a firmer grip on your bag =/.
Hm, then we made our way back to the city center (or better: we walked and walked until I recognized where we were xD) and went into the Mapuche-market again.


Did nothing before lunch. BUT I was in our garden for the first time *g*. It was at least as hot as it is in Germany in summer...only the heat wasn´t as “bad” as it usually is in Germany xD.
Anyway, we teased the dog with light reflexes, which it hunted and went totally crazy xD.
Oh yeah, and we had a BBQ ^^. Winter indeed...though it IS winter...! Spring officially starts in the middle of xD.
South American people don´t grill on charcoal, but with dry wood, and the people who grill most of all are the Bolivians (*knows something*).
After the meal we phoned Kathi to ask if she wanted to come over (she lives quite near to me ^^), but she was already on her way here o.O...xD.
So, we waited till she came and then decided to go outside and take a walk.
First we went to “Lider” (a supermarket around the corner xD), where we walked around aimlessly, ate ice-cream and went outside again.
Anni brought great weather, I must say xD.
Erm...we then went to the city center and when we got there we pretty much did nothing but take a colectivo back again xD (no, we´re NOT weird xD).


Got up at half past eight and at half past eleven Leni, Jan, Kathi, Anni and me took a bus to Puerto Saavedra, the village by the Pacific Ocean where I was with my family once, if you remember xD.
Brilliant weather again ^^. So, from the village one has to walk about 2km before reaching the restaurant and that beach in front of it...just to start walking then, I´d say xD.
We saw a few of Chile´s national birds, the condors, which are really biiig xD.
Hm what else...well, we walked for half an hour and then came to the restaurant =).
Ate mussels, empanadas and such stuff and afterwards we went to the beach. It was low tide, so the water was much further away than the last time I was there (surprise surprise xD).
Hmm...stayed there till 5pm, and first thought about watching the sunset (that´s a first xD) but luckily we decided against it (luckily because the last bus left at 7pm! We so would have missed it *g*).
21.8.06 16:15

Friday 18.08.06

Cris woke me up at half past seven, telling me we would go to the Llaima in an hour xD.
His class had no school today, because of the “language certificate” they had. So, Anni, Cris, Robert, Nacho, Tomás, Javiera and me drove to the volcano .
They had hired a small bus with a driver for the day. They would go skiing/ snowboarding, but Anni and me wanted to take a walk in the snow instead xD.
Halfway up the volcano the bus got stuck, because of the snow drifts on the road. So, the driver attached the snow chains and tried with them on. It didn´t work. He tried with the boys pushing. It didn´t work either xD. He phoned the ski center to send down some help, which came a bit later and pulled us up the rest of the way. Funfun xD.

Erm, so Anni and me started climbing. The snow was quite deep, so we got stuck from time to time *g*.
It was really cool anyway, we built a snow-jenny and a snow-anni, enjoyed the view, aand well, started to feel cold xD.
My shoes and socks were soaked and my feet where freezing ><...geez xD.
So, halfway up the Llaima we decided to go down again.
We took out the plastic bags we had brought for the purpose and tried to slide down on them, BUT the snow was too deep so it didn´t work....>< how mean!
Hm, so after having climbed up for two and a half hours we now started running down (from time to time lying flat on our noses of course xD), which took like...15mins? Ghehe...
We went to that house of the school to warm up for about an hour, then walked back to the foot of the ski lift and ate empanadas, while waiting for the others to return (they were at least half an hour late again, not that I´m surprised xD).
And the poor busdriver who had been waiting all day long O.O.
Hm, then Anni and me took a ride with the lift (meaning we went up and down without leaving it) and when we got back, the others were there too, drinking piscola, some more than the others xD.
After another (boring...) hour we finally entered the bus and started driving, but got stuck again after a while and had to be pulled through the worst parts.
Anyway, the sunset was beautiful xD!
18.8.06 23:36

Thursday 17.08.06

Got up early and went to school, because we had sports the first lessons and I wanted to daaance xDxD (yright...).
Was fun though xD Started with Tango now too.
Then Anni, Leni, Jan, Lolo (aka Lorenz from Berlin) and me went to the mall to show it to Anni xD.
After an hour or so we went back to have the English lesson, which we spent with...having fun xD (“Ah, Pablo me va a violar!” ? Jan *g*, gefährliche Jungs und vergewaltigte Hunde xD).
After eating lunch at home we went back to school, from where Nacho´s mom brought us and Leni to the foot of the cerro Ñielol.
The three of us started walking up the road, but we got bored soon, so instead we took a little path, which led up directly through the jungle xD.
It was hard to walk but of course fun too xD (“guggt mal, ein Wildschwein!”).
After coming into a clearing, lying in the sun for half an hour and noticing we didn´t know where we were anymore, we took one random path which led in the right direction: up.
Hm, eventually we got to a bigger road again, which we followed until we came to some buildings from where volcanoes are observed and investigated.
A man told us that we were too high up already, so we walked down again, until we saw the “Mirador” where I had been last time too.
After looking at Temuco for a while (god, it get´s more exiting each time xD) we went down again and walked to the Mapuche-market and then to Temuco´s cathedral.
Afterwards Anni and me took a colectivo home.
17.8.06 15:52

Tuesday 15.08.06 - Wednesday 16.08.06


Leni asked me to come over and do something with her today, as her whole family went to the Llaima and she didn´t want to spend the whole day doing nothing (and she didn´t want to go skiing xD).
The weather was really nice and first we thought about going to the "natural monument" cerro Ñielol (she hasn´t been there yet) but then decided against it, as there were only the two of us, aaand Anni would come from Conceptión the next day, and it would be better to go there together with her eventually...
Instead we went to Temuco´s old graveyard, which has maaany tombs and is really big!.
Afterwards we went home to Leni´s, drank tea and watched TV.


Today I went to school *g*.
Yeah...and at 2pm Anni was supposed to arrive, so we went with Christel to pick her up.
Unfortunately her bus had been half an hour early, so Anni had been patiently sitting there since then xD.
Went back home and watched her having some lunch xD.
We had planned to meet the others and show Temuco to Anni, but it was raining ><, soo, we invited Jan, Kathi and Leni to my place instead, ate some Calzónes Rotos ("torn pants" – a fried pastry) and chatted about random things xD (Ich sag nur Krematorien, Friedhöfe und Meeresbestattungen xDxDxD).
16.8.06 22:02

Saturday 12.08.06 - Monday 14.08.06


Didn´t do much today...waited for the night when Cris, Kathi and me went to a party. Tami was invited too, but she went to another party, which started today and will last till tomorrow.
Anyway, we arrived like one and a half hour after the party “had started” and still were nearly the first ones there ^^.
It was the 18th birthday of two people from Cris´ class, so there were only people from that class, except two girls (Felipa & Maria Ignacia) from my class, becuse Felipa is Cata´s sister (one of the two who had birthday xD).
The party was cool xD. We had much fun breaking the door, waking up Eike and hiding from a Julian who wasn´t sure whether he came from Karlsruhe, Cologne or Wuppertal O.o. (his name could have been Rüdiger too, according to Leni...).
So, that´s how the madness went on till half past 4 when we went home.


Hm...I know it´s weird...but I don´t think I did ANYTHING today worth writing about =/.
Hm...let me say something about avocados *gg*.
Well, I have really hated them before xD But here they somehow taste okay ...aaand...they put them on hotdogs, hamburgers, bread, pizza, ..., ..., ...., ..., and so on, so one has better get used to them xD.
Yeah...that´s it xD


Not much today either I´m afraid xD. Went to the mall with Kathi and watched “Piratas del Caribe” again...she hadn´t seen it yet. But English of course xD.
Had no school today and won´t have tomorrow either. Maria Himmelfahrt / Assumption, when only the German schools in Chile have closed . sleeping long and stuff xD.
14.8.06 21:50

Friday 11.08.06

Had no school for the first lesson, so I got up half an hour later than Tami and Cris.
We had English (where we learned how to use “might”), and then I went to the computers with Kathi and Jan. We got kicked out after and hour or so, because a class came in.
The last two lessons where German, which we again had in the library, because my class doesn´t have a room for German lessons this year o.O.
In the afternoon Kathi came to my place and we looked at some of my photos and had a chat.

Half past seven we met Jan in front of the mall and went home to Pablo. Half an hour later we were on our way to the school where Dani, Isa and Karla are going, “Pumahue”, where they had a band contest with bands from schools around here.
We came in for half the price, because Pablo´s band (called “Urania”) would be playing too.
So, we waited for an hour and a half untill everything finally began >< (we were sort of VIPs though, as everyone else had to wait outside in the cold until just before it started *g*).
“Urania” was the first to play, and the band was really cool ^^.
After them there was a band with a singer who (no offence) really couldn´t sing ><.
All in all about 10 bands played (among them, the band from Deutsche Schule Temuco, where Pablo plays bass and Nacho sings). Every band played for 20-30 mins and we got home at 2am.
11.8.06 21:35

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