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Friday 13.10.06

(Friday the 13th. Boo.)
Today I got up at quarter past seven, because Katán didn’t have school today, and Cristel only had to bring me to I could go in time for the second I have no first lesson on Fridays XD.
Second lesson was English anyway, and as we aren nott "allowed” to participate, we wanted to go to the computer room...but there was a class inside so we went to the library instead.
At nine Camila, Jan and Kathi went to the mall to buy some things for the chocolate fondue we will be preparing in the German lesson.
After English we had two lovely hours of Maths. Then we had German, where we first discussed the film "Good-Bye Lenin” and then had our choco fondue (which was great fun!”).
Then I went home and had lunch -.- XD. Tami was back from the Llaima too.
At half past three I met up with Kathi and we went to the gym for like two hours as usual. Afterwards we sat on a bench in front of our beloved "Lider” Supermarket for an hour XD.
At ten Cristel brought Kathi and me to Metrenco (a place 20 mins away from Temuco), where Jan’s Good-Bye-Party was held in the house of Manacha.
No one really knew when Jan would arrive, so when he did, we had no time to hide or anything.
Jan didn’t realize it was a party for HIM, until I told him XD. Couldn’t find anyone to take Kathi and me back home, so I had to call Cristel to come and get us at around two o’clock.
13.10.06 17:35

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