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Friday 10.11.06

This definitely was one of the hottest days of my life XD.
Had an English-test at school. I've never been to the lessons, (recently changed English class XD) but decided to take it anyway.
I finished after like 5 mins. (-.-) and got some extra exercises from the teacher.
Finished those too.
Got some more exercises, this time to write a story with 100 words about a picture.
I don’t like word limits, but well, managed to do that as well.
The others were still working on their tests o_O.
Anyway, the teacher read my story and seemed to like it (no idea why, it was pretty crappy XD).
But by then the lesson was over and the others finished their tests ^^.
In the break all of the "cuartos” (Katán's class) wrote greetings on each other’s school uniform shirts. That’s one of the traditions this school has, that the students do that on their last day of school, which this day was.

After lunch that day I met up with Coni in front of the Lider and bought ice cream. It was soooo hot! o.O (the weather, not the ice cream).
So yeah, the ice cream melted pretty fast XD. Then Coni decided to skip the waffle and eat the ice cream from out of her hand instead (rofl).
We had to pass Karina’s house where she could wash her hands XD.
We walked and walked until we finally reached the park behind the YMCA gym. I was so totally dead from the heat already and my face had the same colour as my hair o_O (or well at least that’s what Coni said XD).
Hm, sat down in the shadows (XD) and waited for Camila (the German one) to arrive.
Had a very nice day in the park. It has a kind of German-Freibad-feel to it XD. There were two mounted police in the park, apparently just there to let kids ride on the of course we did that too...XD.
A bit later Monts came too.
("Dónde está mi zapato?!?”)
At half past seven (when it was a bit cooler already, thank god) everyone went back home, and then at nine Camila (still the German one), Coni and me were cooking at Coni’s house.

(Pisc-O and ChiChiA!)

It was very funny, very delicious and very MUCH.
*rolls home*
10.11.06 16:14

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