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Thursday 21.09.06

(* = completely reconstructed from brain, with help of some small nonhelping notes. should have done this earlier, and should have written my diary thingys more detailed. shit happens)

After our breakfast at the hostel we went outside, ready to explore the city.
San Carlos de Bariloche is quite a pretty place, right next to a sea, with the view at some snow covered mountains. Most of the houses are built in a really old fashioned way, using much wood and colors.
We walked right in, found one really impressive chocolate factory (actually more than one, Bariloche being famous for its chocolate..), and other stores, everything even cheaper than in Chile.
Theres one place in Bariloche you're bound to go to when youre in town, which is some kind of market place in front of the town hall. Obligatory is to get your picture taken with one of the Berner-Sennen dogs that they run around with there.
We didn't.
Instead we went into the tourist information to get a map and more tips on where to go. When we got out we got some paper flowers from some dude, because it apparently was some kind of voting going on.
No idea, I forgot mine in the bus on the way home anyway.
At half past five we had to catch our bus back to San Martín, and we weren’t too sure about the bus timetables, so we stood quite a while at a bus stop, slightly in panic that we’d miss the bus back and with that also the bus to Chile the next morning. Not funny.
Anyway, the bus came and we could get to the terminal in time, got in the bus and drove all those 4 hours back to San Martín, where we checked in the same hostel as the other night, as we didn’t want to look for something else.It was raining.
21.9.06 01:55

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