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Wednesday 01.11.06

Got up at 12 and thus was the first one to get out of bed =P.
Katán and Tami got back from their party at 5 or something, therefore they were kinda tired ^^.
Had lunch at half past two and after that I phoned home.
Then Coni called and asked me if I wanted to go bowling with a few people, which of course I did. It was Karina, Coni, Kai, Ozzy, Roberto and me.
I won ^_^. No idea how, but I did XD.
So I treated everyone to an icecream (it set me back 1,50 euros, so quite affordable ^^).
Going home we first wanted to take a colectivo, so we waited in front of the mall. No colectivo came (of course not, they never do when you need one!), so after quite a while we decided to go by bus instead. We walked to the "bus station” (aka the place where the buses drive past, as there are no bus stations XD), which was close to school.
Stood there a while too, but no bus.
Went back to the mall, as Roberto’s dad would come and fetch us, so logically, there were loads of empty colectivos around -.-.
Got home, had dinner, did nothing.
1.11.06 02:22

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