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Tuesday 24.10.06

Surprisingly enough nothing special at school today xD. At around three pm Kathi came over, we redyed my hair and she continued wrapping some gifts.
I got back all of my stuff that had been at hers and vice versa ^^.
Then we went to the “Lider” to buy some things.
In the evening we wanted to meet up with Uta and Camila and go out to eat in a Chinese restaurant, because it was Kathis last night.
Well, Kathi and me stood and waited in front of a different restaurant than Camila and Uta…so we didn’t meet that night XD.
After Kathi and me remembered that neither of us actually likes Chinese food that much we went to a pasta restaurant near the mall instead and ate some great ravioli. Afterwards we went to the cinema (1,50€ pP! had some special offer) and watched “United 93”, good idea when you’re going to FLY the next day, huh.
Got home at 0:45 or something.
24.10.06 09:48

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