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Monday 30.10.06

School again, very happy. Physics first lessons, even happier.
After that my class had a sociales-test, so the gringas went to the library (have our usual seat already).
In maths we ate cake (Felipas birthday :D), hehe.
When school ended I went home to Conis house, as she has invited me to have lunch at hers. Had an amazing time! With IGOR and Gecko…and yea…was nice.
At 18:45 we went to Felipas house (as always when you’re waiting for them no Colectivo came, so we walked).
We were like 14 people at Felipas, and had a great time.
At around 10 Conis dad brought me home when he came to fetch Coni.
30.10.06 10:22

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