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Friday 03.11.06

After school (consisting of 2 hours of being in the computer room, 2 hours of chemistry and 2 hours of German) went home and had lunch. Again one really hot day! Went to the gym and after that Coni called to ask if I wanted to come over, meeting a few of her non-dst friends.
Of course I wanted to, so went there at half past 9.
The friends were nice, but I was so extremely tired somehow that I just couldn’t concentrate on understanding their conversations. Suddenly my Spanish skills dropped back to zero and I didn’t get a shit. That was kinda stupid.
Anyway, we ordered some sandwiches, which were quite nice. There were 6 other people there btw. At some point we walked out to get something to drink from a shop around the corner.
Then we watched “The client”, or at least one third of it.
Went home at 2am.
3.11.06 10:32

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