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And I´m coming home again =)


Yeah...this is my last day in Chile, my last hour in Temuco and probably my last minute on this computer ^^.
What can I say...
Have a nice flight .

Had a GREAT time yesterday on my party (H.U.G.E. thanks to Andrea and to everyone else who was there!) I love you all to bits and would like to take the whole 2ºB with me to Germany! I´ve had a great time with all of you! Never been in a better class if I´m not wrong...

Hermanita can´t wait till you come to my house in just 11 months xxD.
And if I wouldn´t know I´ll see you all next year I´d hide here and never come out xD.
Seriously, thank you for making me a part of you and making my time here the best of my life! Wouldn´t have been the same without making friends that hopefully will last a lifetime and a few years longer!

The hugestestest thanks to my family here! You´ve been a great support and it´s been a pleasure getting to know you and your life!
Vanessa I wish you ALL THE BEST with José Thomas! I´m sure you´ll be a great mother!

Thanks to my parents in Germany too, for letting me experience all of this!
Thanks for being understanding and letting me skip school to travel around Chile ().

Hm...and basically thanks to everyone else involved in this exchange!

I love Chile...
and now, Germany here I come!

10.12.06 14:22

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Ithil (14.12.06 20:54)
i hope you have a nice welcome back home. XXXXX

Nath (17.12.06 21:51)
ach jö - als ich das jetzt gelesen hab - hab ich fast losgeheult - ich hatte überall Gänsehaut ... *snief*

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