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Monday 16.10.06

School again, yay xD.
I only had the first four lessons though, as it was "Día del profesor" (Teacher´s day), and they had some special stuff in their Aula again.
This school is really celebrating everything ^^.
I can't remember ever celebrating anything in my school in Germany...
Anyway, it started off with Chile´s national anthem, followed by the German one.
Then loads of people held speeches.
After two school rockbands had played it was time for the so called "Lehrer-Awards".
In different categories (like "most optimistic" for example) there were always 4 nominated teachers, and the SMV presented the winners ^^.
Also teachers who had been at the school for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years got a present ^^.
In class the students gave presents to their head teachers too.

After school I went to have lunch with Coni, Camila, Uta and Marisol (from the other 10th grade).
Afterwards we went to Marisol and started working on a "Recuerdo de Chile"-collage for Jan ^^ .
At five everyone went home and Kathi and me decided to go to the Gym.
After half an hour there Kathi didn´t feel good though, (the room was WAY too hot too!!) so we went outside and sat on our usual bench for an hour xD.
Went home, had dinner, went to bed eventually.
16.10.06 21:40

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