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Wednesday 18.10.06 - Thursday 19.10.06


Well, after school I went to Kathi´s house and we took a walk around the block here. Found ourselves a new bench where we sat for a loooong while xD.
Afterwards we went to the gym.
What can I tell...
Houses around here all look the same ^^.
That´s it -.-


Today in sports we played volleyball as usual. Had Sociales where we continued making the collage for Jan.
After the second break was over we all got onto the pick-up and drove to the airport (fun ).
Sometime later Jan came too and everyone started taking pictures in different groups...until Jan eventually tried to check-in and it didn´t work anymore because the gate had closed or something o.O...oops.
So, we went back from the airport and Jan had to stay in Chile for another few days, until Sunday...changing the flight cost 150 he wasn´t exactly happy.
Another ride with the pick-up later and we were at school again, just in time to go home for lunch ^^.
Afterwards Kathi came to me and we took another walk through the streets...
19.10.06 19:59

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Nath (3.11.06 22:37)
Aaaaaalso! Ich habe ganze 21 Zeilen (!!!!!!) entdeckt das wurde ja noch immens viel mehr

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