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Wednesday 08.11.06

After school (a normal day, except spending some time in the library with Mareike again the crisis is over xD) I went shopping with Coni, Camila (from Chile), Monts, Camila (from Germany) & Uta.
I had nothing but cherries for lunch.
After a while Uta went home, because she didn´t feel well.
At 4:30 pm we went home to Monts with Camila & Coni to eat strawberries.
Then we took a micro home to Camila (the Chile one ^^) to get her carate-stuff. (Looking out the window – funny thing, that family dog xD. Jumping up and down in front of the window all day? A life worth living...)
Erm... we RAN to Karina´s house where we had dinner and then Monts, Coni and me went home to Coni for a while.
When Monts left she also left hehekeys on the table, so Coni and me had a marathon to catch up with her and give them back.
Did I mention it was hot? o.O 10 pm I walked home from Coni, then it wasn´t that hot anymore ^^.
8.11.06 21:22

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Nath (12.11.06 12:43)
Well you definitely had your gym exercice on that day

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