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Thursday 09.11.06

No school today :D
Because the segundos from all schools of the 9th region of Chile, including my classmates had "SIMCE", which is something similar to a national "PISA-Study", meant to classify the schools. Last time the DST (Deutsche Schule Temuco) had been second, and all this is really important for the schools.
Anyway, no school for the exchange students, what a pity.
Slept to...6:50 (-.-), because Christel had forgotten that I didn´t have school and woke me up.
Then slept some more, to 9:30 or something.
Had breakfast and then went to the mall, shopping, as I hadn´t found anything the day before .
Came home, had lunch and then walked to the LIDER to buy some things....
Couldn´t be outside after that, it was WAY too hot o.O...scary xD.
9.11.06 02:08

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